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openMDM at ASAM International Conference

Interested in the work of the openMDM Working Group? Meet us at the ASAM INternational Conference 2019 in Dresden on December 10-11. Play with a live demo of our current work and discuss with the experts.


Community Code of Conduct Update

Our Code of Conduct has been updated to match the latest version from the Contributor Covenant.


Huawei Becomes a Strategic Member of the Eclipse Foundation

Globally leading open source company upgrades participation to drive strong open source governance and industry-scale innovation.


The Eclipse Collections website now has Spanish translation!

Thanks to an amazing community made contribution, the Eclipse Collections website now has a Spanish translation!


Eclipse Che 7 is now available!

Che 7 is the biggest release in Eclipse Che history - focused on simplifying writing, building and collaborating on cloud native applications for teams.


From building blocks to IoT solutions

The Eclipse IoT ecosystem consists of around 40 different projects, ranging from embedded devices, to IoT gateways and up to cloud scale solutions.


Jakarta EE 8 Specifications Released by The Eclipse Foundation, Payara Platform Compatibility Coming Soon

The Jakarta EE 8 Full Platform, Web Profile specifications and related TCKs have been officially released today (September 10th, 2019).


Open Liberty is Jakarta EE 8 compatible

Today is a big day in the enterprise Java world. Two years ago, Oracle announced their intention to move Java EE to the Eclipse Foundation, which led to the creation of Jakarta EE.


Congratulations to the Jakarta EE Community!

It's with a sense of great pride, and quite a lot of relief, that I salute the Jakarta EE community for the first release of the Jakarta EE platform.


Jakarta EE 8 is Released

As announced today by the Eclipse Foundation, Jakarta EE 8 has been released! This represents a significant milestone for the community.


Open Liberty is Jakarta EE 8 compatible

The process of moving Java EE to Eclipse was not trivial, it was not simple, but it is finally complete with the release of Jakarta EE 8.


Jakarta EE 8 release – the future is now!

Jakarta EE 8 is finally here! It heralds a new era for Enterprise Java, as finally the community can look forward to the platform's faster development.


Enterprise Java spec packs bags, ready for new life under assumed name – Jakarta

Enterprise Java, known as Java Enterprise Edition 8 (Java EE 8) under Oracle's implementation of the platform specification, has finally packed up and moved out of Big Red's basement under a new name, so it won't bear the burden of its heritage.


Jakarta EE now operates under open, community-driven process

After transitioning from Oracle to the Eclipse Foundation in 2017, Jakarta EE (previously known as Java EE), has reached another major milestone.


Eclipse Dirigible: How to Run on Eclipse Che 7

Watch this new video by the Eclipse Dirigible project and learn how you can run Dirigible on Eclipse Che 7!


Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile – two names, one family?

Interview with Sebastian Daschner, Java Champion and a Lead Java Developer Advocate for IBM


Proposal to define relationship between Jakarta EE and MicroProfile

Sebastian Daschner proposes formalizing Jakarta EE's relationship with MicroProfile and incubators, as well as some new standards and updates to old ones.


Eclipse Collections 10.0 Released

Enjoy all of the new features and improvements in the Eclipse Collections 10.0 release!


Eclipse OSBP passes newbie test

The no-code/low-code platform Eclipse OSBP facilitates application development. It makes life easier for experienced developers. But what about newbies?


Edgeworx Launches True Cloud-to-Edge Continuum for Any Kubernetes Distribution

Edgeworx Inc. announced today a new Eclipse ioFog software release that makes any Kubernetes distribution edge-aware, allowing customers to create a true cloud-to-edge continuum and deploy applications and microservices from the cloud to any edge device


InterDigital Participates in 5G Slicing and Ultra-High Throughput Demonstrations using fog05

InterDigital, Inc. announced its involvement in two significant next-generation wireless technology demonstrations using Eclipse fog05.


Mike Milinkovich, Director of the Eclipse Foundation, Discusses the Journey to Jakarta EE 8

On this podcast, Wes talks with Mike Milinkovich about the move from Java EE to Jakarta EE.


Open Source Testware for Systematic IoT Testing: Eclipse IoT-Testware

The project Eclipse IoT-Testware is delivering free open-source test tools and programs for the industry and companies developing Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions.


Eclipse Foundation's OpenMobility group aims to foster 'collaboration' around urban planning and driverless cars

The Eclipse Foundation today launched a new mobility project for autonomous cars and emerging modes of transport.


Eclipse Vert.x v3.7.0 includes GraphQL extension for Vert.x Web

Creating Reactive apps in the JVM with Vert.x just got even better with the new 3.7.0 update.

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