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Eclipse Foundation Governance Documents

The basic governance of the Eclipse Foundation is laid out in the following documents.

Eclipse Foundation Documents

  • Bylaws: The Bylaws lay out the basic rules of governance of the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Membership Agreement: The Membership Agreement describes the rights and responsibilities for each class of member in the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Intellectual Property Policy: The IP Policy describes the policies and mechanisms that the Eclipse Foundation uses for accepting and licensing the intellectual property developed by Eclipse projects.
  • Anti-Trust Policy: The Anti-Trust Compliance Policy describes the code of conduct required by all Eclipse Foundation Members to ensure compliance with anti-trust laws.
  • EPL (Eclipse Public License): The Eclipse Public License is the software license used by all Eclipse projects. You can also read it in pdf form.
  • Development Process: This document describes the fundamental rules for creating and governing projects at the Eclipse community.
  • Quick and Fun Process Prose: A quick overview of the development and IP processes in cartoons and other forms.

Eclipse Board Directives and Resolutions

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