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The Eclipse IoT Working Group enables collaboration on the development of open source implementations of IoT standards and protocols, frameworks and services used by IoT solutions, and tools for IoT developers for commercial-grade IoT.
The Eclipse Edge Native Working Group drives the adoption of Edge Computing technologies. It provides services like vendor-neutral marketing to the Eclipse Edge Native ecosystem and defines licensing and intellectual property flows that encourage the community to open collaboration
The Oniro Working Group will foster an ecosystem of organizations that supports the community in the production and evolution of the Oniro operating system and platform. Oniro is a new commercially oriented, modular, and multikernel open source software platform. Its ecosystem will be developed in an environment where collaboration is promoted via the core Eclipse Foundation principles of vendor-neutrality, transparency, and openness.
The Eclipse Sparkplug Working Group drives the evolution and broad adoption of the Eclipse Sparkplug protocol and related technologies that enable the creation of open, collaborative, and interoperable Industrial IoT solutions, and a framework for supporting Industry 4.0.

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